A Day Out w/ Jimmy Goldfingers

Hey everyone! Obviously I've been on a slight break due to school, work and being a full-time single mother and moving from Taylor back to my hometown Inkster, put me in a bind. I'm better now but still have work to do.

But anyways... Some cool stuff happened recently. I had the honor to meet and shoot with Jimmy Goldfingers: another metro Detroit photographer. He's pretty dope. Pretty lowkey but his work is dope.

We have a lot in common: Both Art majors. He's a painter, I enjoy painting (just not as great as him). We both design graphics and we both are photographers and I would say his work is better than mine. That being said, I wanted to share the few photos I got the chance to photograph of him on Tuesday with you guys and if you could please follow him on Instagram (information posted below), he would appreciate it!

Clothing Line: Ruined by Creation (Instragram: @All_Things.Ruined)

Follow Jimmy Goldfingers on Instagram: @Jimmy_Goldfingers (his website is coming soon!)